Are you suffering from back pain?

Knee pain restricting your lifestyle?

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John Meade Physiotherapy in Sale.

The number one choice for all your Gippsland Physiotherapy needs.

Helping our clients move their way to a better life.

Our Story & Our Clinic

Established in Sale in 1998, our current location is at 52 Desailly St. The clinic is setup to treat all of your physiotherapy and movement needs.

We have four physiotherapy rooms to ensure that all clients can be seen as quickly as possible. We offer a range of services, such as; traditional physiotherapy, manual therapy, soft-tissue techniques and dry-needling. John always tries to use the latest, most effective techniques for your physio needs.

John has been a Sale physiotherapist since 1997. He is active in the Sale community, and strongly believes that living an active life is one of the keys to success. His motto, “moving your way to a better life” is one that he believe that all our clients can benefit from.

John Meade Sale Physiotherapy, has been supporting and caring for Gippsland physiotherapy patients, for over 30 years. People travel from Heyfield, Maffra, Bairnsdale, Rosedale, Sale and Traralgon to see him and he is well known in the Gippsland Physiotherapy field for “walking the walk.” not just “talking the talk”

John has a Bachelor degree in Applied Science (Physiotherapy), but he has not stopped in his lifelong journey to improve his knowledge of the human body and patient treatment. He has sought to improve techniques both through his own experience, and the experience of other Gippsland physiotherapists as well as people such as Ido Portal.

As registered member of APA, you can rest assured that John is qualified to take care of any physiotherapy needs you may have.

John Meade is also a registered provoider with the NDIS, providing valuable services for those living with a disability

Services offered

Myofascial release

Soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. Aims to relax, and improve blood flow in muscles.

Exercise therapy

A program of physical activities to reacquire normal musculoskeletal function, and decrease pain caused by injuries.

Dry needling

Dry needling uses acupuncture needles for the relief and treatment of muscle pain.

Manual therapy

Physical treatment of musculoskeletal pain. John is trained in the latest evidence based techniques proven to aid most people to relieve pain.

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Learn from John Meade

Every few weeks, your local Gippsland Physiotherapist, John Meade will post a video. It will be something to make you think, what works best in his opinion or something to encourage you to change the way you approach exercise. Most importantly of all it will be a way of helping to move your way to a healthier life! Call us now if you want to arrange an appointment!

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