About John

John is an experienced and passionate Physiotherapist.

John has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Always looking to update his skills, he has developed innovative philosophies regarding your health.

He believes healthcare should not just be about ‘fixing the pain’ but maximising your health.

John is one who walks the walk and lives life based on his philosophies.

He believes his clients should aim to maximise their health. His movement concepts go beyond ‘the stretch’, ‘the core’, these two dimensional models which are usually found in rehab. Homo sapiens rely on movement patterns, these patterns are three dimensional. So the fix should be to relearn and rehab these patterns.

Move your way to a healthier life


John graduated from Lincoln Institute of Health Science with a Bachelor degree in Applied Science (Physiotherapy) in 1985. For three decades John has worked in private practice in country Victoria and the USA.