Movement Training

The way we move is just as important as how often we move.

Our personal movement patterns can help us feel strong and capable as we age, or increase the risk of pain and injury. The good news is, it is never too late to learn new movements that support our bodies.

One of John's strengths as a physiotherapist is his ability to observe your current movement patterns, identify dysfunction and re-train your body to move as it was meant to – pain-free and with maximum mobility. John is able to provide this service in the clinic or as 1-to-1 training at a gym. Sessions are personalised to whatever level you want to achieve.

Having studied with a number of different experts following an injury, John’s unique approach brings together the most effective movements from a wide range of practices. John’s system incorporates aspects of pilates, yoga, natural human movement and functional fitness to restore fluid, dynamic movement patterns for life.

Personalised sessions are designed to whatever level the client wants to achieve. John is able to do this in the clinic or one-on-one training in the gym.

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Rebates are available from all major health insurance providers and we are a Registered NDIS Provider.